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Back in the year 2003, I was writing online articles but audios were the main form of "self-publishing" I was involved in (Hence, this webpage was titled: "JimLow's Thyroid Audios"). I actually just began starting to build on this site very recently (year 2013). I found that audio teachings/lectures were in slightly less demand compared to written-resources, after naming this site some years ago and as a result, I concentrated on expanding my writing, to eventually include books and ebooks. I have however published audios recently, on the ACX website and these now appear on Amazon, ITunes and Audible (See links for them below this article -- more to come very soon). 

After I began publishing eBooks with Amazon KDP in year 2008, I eventually began converting them into in-print, physical paperback books in year-2010 and they have ISBN numbers assigned by publisher - CreateSpace (part of the Amazon group of companies). Many of my books are in the 48 to 60 page-length, some are about 100 pages and my lengthiest is 584 pages.

Through their cover-creation software, I was able to get some super-nice covers for the paperback books. It was somewhat difficult at-first, getting the trim sizes set for the inside-content of them but I accomplished it with some study and ongoing practice.

CreateSpace has some guidelines and requirements for books that are published through them but with my having published eBooks through Amazon KDP, which has similar guidelines, mine met those standards. I did have to make changes to about a dozen of them, as they were submitted but for the most-part the publishing has gone smoothly.  

I love the way the books look but most importantly, the information in them is very good and I'm proud of them (Is it okay to brag just a little bit?). I won four editor's choice awards for articles contained in some of the chapters of these and I endeavored to write to that same standard for each and every one of them (lots of hard work). There is a great deal of research behind them as well, which I began compiling in year-2003. My main blog, where I post excerpts from my books, is my Google Blogger Site called: James M. Lowrance Publishing. < (Click Link).

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